Student Reflection on Globe Life Park

IMG_1792Today’s tour of the Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers, was a great personal experience.  The first thing that I noticed when we arrived was the alluring landscaping.  While landscape is often overlooked by the fans, one can not help but enjoy the efforts put behind the design at Globe Life.

The facility tour brought us up close with the ins and outs of how a MLB park is run.  One of my favorite features of the entire facility was the Hyundai Club. The view that the club had of the field was amazing, but the reason why I favored this particular area was because of Hyundai’s branding ability. They actually took a real, life-size car and placed it on top of their club for display and advertisement purposes.  Another fact that I found interesting was the amount clubs they retained. Globe Life Park had 4 clubs and already plan on extending that number.

The most important I thing I learned today was how much effort, and man power, was used in the upkeep of the stadium. In Texas, the heat can reach up 110 degrees, so according to the speakers today, the employees who work in the maintenance division are the true MVP’s of the Globe Life Park.

This was a great start to our #TXStudyAway experience, and I am excited to see what day three has in store.

–Jamal Forrest, Graduate Student in the Recreation and Sport Administration (General, On Campus) program

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