Day Three Review–Student Reflection

DSC_0292They say everything is bigger  in Texas, well we got a good look into that saying after getting to visit the Texas Motor Speedway.  Even if you don’t habitually watch NASCAR, or if you have never seen it at all, you have to appreciate the magnitude of the facility itself.  A 1500 acre facility that can sustain itself, that is impressive!  They even have a large TV, let me rephrase…THE largest TV in the country, costing over $10 Million.

DSC_0366After leaving the NASCAR facility, we went to Plano High School, one of the most renowned academic high schools in Texas.  They aren’t only known for their academics, but also for their football.  Texans take a lot seriously, and football is not exception!  John Clark Stadium can house over 14,000 fans.  Plano has had seven state championships and is shared between three other schools.

So far, I am very humbled to be able to learn about the professional fields for which I have a passion and to meet individuals that are just as passionate.

–Dori Sheehan, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration (General)

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