John Clark Stadium–Student Reflection

DSC_0329Today, I was privileged to tour John Clark Stadium at Plano High School. This ADA compliant stadium was built in 1977 and can hold up to 14,500 spectators. J.C. Stadium has only made a few renovations since it was originally built. One major change in 1990 saw the addition of a luxury press box. The estimated cost of the mind-blowing high school stadium adds up to be around $2.75 million, but from the accomplishments of this high school football team, the money is not being wasted. Plano Senior High holds seven 6A state championships. This stadium was made for the community and was funded by the city of Plano. The facility is available to be rented out, but the staff does not pursue people to rent out this facility.

With nearly capacity crowds attending each game, you could only image the amount of clean up it takes. GCA is the contracted custodial company chosen to provide maintenance immediately following each school event. Another important part of maintaining the upkeep of the facility is the security. PSHS also has a contract with the Plano PD to attend each game. This facility has a state of the art video surveillance system that can be accessed from multiple areas of the school’s campus with video space lasting up to 7 days.

DSC_0350The last two  amazing features to this facility amazing facility is the turf field, shadowed by the $700,000 replay scoreboard. The turf field is a luxury that even some college teams don’t have. It is a multipurpose turf field that hosts football games, soccer games and band competitions. Although the turf field is a luxury it is also expensive to replace. Turf field should be replaced about every 10 plus years.

Overall, I was thrilled to be able to have the pleasure to visit this state of the art high school football stadium. It was quite an eye-opening experience.

–Josh Jones, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration (General)

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