Everything is bigger in Texas…except for their WiFi reception!

Please forgive us for falling behind on updating the picture gallery and student reflection posts. While the facilities, trucks on the highway and just about everything else seems bigger in Texas, the WiFi reception here is leaving a bit to be desired! We are updating as we find working hotspots, so just keep checking back.

dedmonSo we begin our fourth day in Dallas with a trip to Southern Methodist University in Dallas to tour the Dedmon Center for Lifetime Sports. With over 3,000 square feet of aerobic/dance space, 4 basketball courts, a bouldering wall, cardio overlook (machines overlooking Dallas skyline), classrooms, conference space, offices, gaming areas and much more, this state of the art facility was a must have on our list of stops. The group will also be given the opportunity to check out how SMU students fair in the area of campus dining as we enjoy lunch on site!

AboutTheMuseumTaking a break from facilities tours, and to add a short cultural experience to the overall trip, we will be heading to the JFK museum at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. I must admit, this was added as much for the faculty and staff in attendance as it was for the overall learning experience for the students! We will all be taking a self-guided tour as a group where we will examine the life, death and legacy of President Kennedy.

Don’t forget to check back for student reflections on today’s events!

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