American Airlines Center–Student Reflection

Time Flies with “The Airlines”

DSC_0508They say time heals all wounds; well American Airlines Arena showed us just that today. The reason why the 13 year old facility still looks brand new is because each summer they do approximately $4 million worth of renovation. Opened in 2001, it was a project that the City of Dallas had been discussing since 1995. That shows that it took a while for the two owners of the NHL team the Dallas Stars and the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks whom both play there to come to equal terms. As I just stated, the NHL and NBA share the facility and they are both equal partners of the facility; 1 of 9 NHL/NBA arenas. The best thing about the facility for a true fan of either team is the Jack Daniels Club. This club allows fans to be inside the arena without having a ticket; they can buy drinks and view the game from a television. Dallas makes it easy for a fan to be NHL or NBA dreaming. Follow my blog

–Desmond Davidson, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration (General)

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