Day Six Student Reflection

DSC_0494Day Six started off early with an action packed day that involved visiting Fair Park Dallas with the Cotton Bowl followed by American Airlines Arena. These two venues show the change that has occurred over the 20th and 21st centuries in a shift towards luxury seating.

The Cotton Bowl Stadium, built in 1935, showed us a historic icon in the football world. With a focus on the game itself, the stadium is the complete package of history and college football atmosphere. Dallas is lucky to have a venue of this magnitude that has been the home to so many Heisman Trophy winners

DSC_0511In contrast to the concrete and steel of the historic Cotton Bowl, American Airlines Arena is the antithesis of modern amenities and luxury inside a multipurpose arena. Being one of six arenas in the country that hosts NHL and NBA games, this facility showed luxury seats for everyone from corporate sponsors to the individual seat buyer.

Today was a wonderful day to see some great venues. Even better, it was awesome to be able to sit in the locker of Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars (and don’t worry, nobody stepped on the logo).

–Michael Pollio, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration (General)

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