A Career Experience and Life Changing Opportunities–Trip Student Reflection

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.06.46 PMThe Texas Sport Facility Tour in Dallas, TX has been an eye opener for strategic planning as I get ready to enter my career.  It has opened the door to many opportunities that I wasn’t aware of upon making the trip. I’ll cherish every moment I’ve established during my time in Dallas. Each of the venues were able to give us an intense tour of the facility, which is not provided to the public.

DSC_0601 As a student interested in managing a sports facility I was able to inherit the common terminology used in the field. The majority of our tours came from employees in executive and director positions. We were lucky to meet the president and general managers of IAVM, American Airlines Arena and AT&T Stadium, respectively. Each venue was open to informing us of how to obtain internship and job opportunities within their company or organization. Overall, I could not thank WKU, RSA Staff and each venue for giving us a great learning and network opportunity here in Dallas, TX.

–Chuck Franks, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration (General)

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