The House That Jerry Built

stadiumWhat costs $1.3 billion, can seat around 100,000 people and has all of the students, faculty & staff on the trip glassy-eyed and giddy with excitement?  If you guessed the space ship, also known as the AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys, you would be correct!  Today, we begin with a 3 hour tour (cue Gilligan’s Island theme song) of the ins and outs of the facility.  While that may seem like an extremely long time to wonder around the building, the sheer size of the facility alone requires it.  Add in the excitement of the students, and their need to know more about all the things it takes to run a venue of this magnitude, and 3 hours may not be long enough!

After the tour, we will all sit down to a lunch that is being graciously provided by a stadium sponsor.  At the beginning of our journey, students were told that they would be partnering with their roommates to do a presentation and were assigned a topic for presentation.  During this lunch break, each group will be presenting on their topic.

insideOnce we have the presentations and lunch under wraps, we have been invited to sit in on the operations overview meeting for the stadiums’ professionals who are planning the upcoming August 16th event where the Cowboys will meet the Ravens on the field.  I can honestly say that most are as excited about this opportunity as they are about just being in the facility itself!

We wrap up the day with a group photo down on the field, so make sure you check back here later tonight for the student reflections as well as pics!

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