Taking a Walk Through Racing History–Student Reflection

IMG_1101Walking into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum was like walking through time. The museum features hundreds of trophies from winners and dozens of cars that won. I personally enjoyed seeing the older motorcycles that where right in front of the theater within the museum. However, my favorite items were the commemorative lever action rifles that were engraved with the logo of the Indy 500. Seeing all of the different vehicles and their evolution through time was amazing. It starts off with the cars that look like the Model-T, and progressing into the cars that look like bullets, and then on to the current Indy race cars. If some of the racers from the first race in 1911 where alive to see a race today, I think they would be awestruck by the changes to the body and engine. I think they would mostly be shocked by the sounds the cars make. I was able to hear the cars going all the way around the two and half mile track, and when they pass you, you almost have to cover your ears. The most interesting thing I noticed was that one particular vehicle from the 1920’s was only a four cylinder vehicle, back in those days, four cylinders was top of the line and a really fast car. Another car that won the race only fifty years ago, won by going a top speed of one hundred and twenty MPH, of course most vehicles are capable of doing that now. I would highly recommend visiting the Indianapolis motor speedway to any racing fan.

–Branden Whitley, student in the Sport Management undergraduate program

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