Welcome to the Crossroads of America!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.28.25 AMWell, we made it to Indianapolis last night, and we hit the ground running.  No rest for these weary travelers!  After a few minutes to deposit their luggage in the hotel rooms, students and faculty met in the gloriously supplied meeting room at the hotel for a catered dinner and some course instruction.  Dr. Travis Teague started the trip out on the right foot by providing some interesting facts and “Did You Know” trivia about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) as a means to prepare them for their first day of venue tours.

IMSToday we will officially start our venue tours and begin our busiest day of the entire week.  We start the day off at Don Schumacher Racing before we head to IMS to tour the museum and watch some Indy 500 practice runs while enjoying a lunch from the track concessions.  This afternoon we will be heading over to Butler University to check out the campus recreation facilities and tour Hinkle Fieldhouse.  We will end the day by taking in some hotdogs and a little slice of “America’s pastime” as the Indians take on Pawtucket Red Sox at Liberty Field.

Don’t forget to check back daily to see what our students are thinking and doing through their student reflections, as well as see what we have seen through the photo uploads in the gallery.

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