Heart…History…Hinkle-Student Reflection

IMG_1118On the first day of the Sport Facility Symposium we had the chance to visit Butler University. During our time at Butler we had the opportunity to visit the Recreation Center as well as the legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse. At the Recreation Center a focus of the staff was sustainability. One of the important ways to help save of expenses are the use of the LED lighting in the facility. Director of Operations expressed the need to save on finances as a crucial part of his job title. One of the things that I really found unique about the facility was the ability of the exercise machines to generate energy for the University. This system was called “Re-Rev.” They also had a projector that was displayed on the wall of the basketball courts. When the athletic teams or big events were being televised, the students had the ability to watch those events while being at the Recreation Center. The Recreation Center was also a “one-stop shop” for the ordinary student. Having programs such as fitness all the way to counseling.

DSC_0838The legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse was amazing. The History behind that building is unreal. From the legendary coaches, the high school games, and the players who have come and gone throughout the years. The Hinkle Fieldhouse has gone through many renovations throughout the years. As the renovations increased the ability to hold more fans decreased. A fun fact about Hinkle Fieldhouse was at one point and time it was recorded as the biggest gymnasium in the country. Even though it was my second time being in the legendary gym. It is one of those places that will always give you goosebumps when you step onto the hardwood because of its heritage and history.

–Rom Wingard, graduate student in the  Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration with a concentration in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration program.

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