Preserving a Piece of History-Indiana Farmers Coliseum Student Reflection

IMG_1125Today our first stop was the Indiana State Fairgrounds, easily one of the largest places we would visit sitting at 250 acres.  The main area in the fairgrounds we visited, the Indiana Farmers Coliseum, was recently renovated at a cost of $650 million.  The Coliseum was a huge, seating 6,800 fully and 4,500 people with the lower section of the Coliseum cleared out.  The Coliseum houses the Indiana Fuel hockey team but has the versatility to also house IUPUI’s basketball and hockey teams.  Roller derby and youth hockey are also played in this coliseum and there have been multiple graduations taken place there.  Concerts have also been hosted here; literally this place was huge.  One of my favorite features about the Coliseum was its’ ability to host multiple events at the same time.  The different areas and large spaces around the facility made this very possible, while also being able to comfortably seat for the different events. There are four auxillary locker rooms in the facility that can be used as multi-purpose rooms as well as other buildings attached that can increase the size of the Coliseum for even more for more diverse events.

DSC_0852Outside of the Coliseum there were a lot of older looking buildings, a horse track, and a car show spanning over the parking lot.  We didn’t get much time out there but it didn’t take long to see a lot of that 250 acres.  When we originally arrived we were told that Fairgrounds are one of the hardest places to manage because of the size, number of facilities and possibility of different events; after the tour I understand why.

–Ruben Duffie, student in the Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration program

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