Looking to the Past to See the Future…

Today we slow things down a little bit for the students to give them, and the faculty/staff, a bit of time natto explore the world of Indianapolis beyond the world of sport.  We begin our day with a tour of IUPUI’s athletic facilities.  We are all exceptionally excited to be able to tour the Natarorium, the famous swimming complex that has hosted hundreds USA Swimming/Diving/Synchronized Swimming competitions, not to mention 11 Olympic Time Trials.  The Natatorium also features The Jungle, opened in 1982, which is the official home of IUPUI basketball (though games are played at the IN Farmers Coliseum now) and volleyball.

DSC_0048After a quick lunch on IUPUI’s campus, we will head over to the NCAA’s Hall of Champions to tour the museum, as well and meet with the NCAA’s Internship Coordinator.  The internship presentation will be especially important to each of our students as they begin to think about how they wish to start their careers, and the paths they will need to take to get their foot in the door to their dream organizations.

Everyone will have the afternoon and evening free to explore the city, and get to know the cultural side to Indy!  Don’t forget to check back later tonight and tomorrow to read the student reflections and check out the pics we capture along the way.

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