Preserving the past….Empowering the Future-Student Reflection

The NCAA Hall of Champions is a time capsule of the past to our present within DSC_0939intercollegiate athletics. During our visit we first started out by touring the museum part of the venue, led by Michael Cioroianu. This included two levels of displays, visual interactions, and physical interactions that gave us numerous perspectives of different aspects of NCAA history and sports. Once we viewed this, we moved down to a conference room where we were greeted by Dawn Buth, NCAA internship program coordinator.

During the internship program presentation by Dawn Buth, we learned valuable information that gave us a much more in-depth look at what opportunities are available with the NCAA. The upcoming internship program is already full, but the internship for the 2016-17 year will begin the application process August 1st, 2015 and will conclude IMG_1182September 25th, 2015. This is a very competitive program as it only accepts 29 interns per year; I was very interested in the Championships & Alliances portion of this program. This is something that truly grasps my interest due to me having a previous year long internship with the championships department at the University of Louisville during my undergraduate work. The opportunities within the internship encompass every aspect of intercollegiate athletics. These range from regulatory affairs, education & community engagement, and administrative services. As an aspiring intercollegiate athletic administrator, this internship program would be influential in jump starting ones career. This was a fantastic opportunity in which I took away a lot of valuable information that will help me within my career path.

–Jarred Clarkson, student in the Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration program

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