Looks Can Be Deceiving-Student Reflection

Lucas Oil Stadium is clearly a facility that words could just not do its justice to explain the amazing design that the architects of HKS, Inc. This was obviously created to give IMG_1202spectators the best experience possible during events. Of course when you think of Lucas Oil Stadium, first thought would be the Indianapolis Colts, but as we went on a tour we came to find out that this is also used to host monster truck shows, weddings, ISHAA football championship and even motor cross.

The structure of the venue would be something most would not know based upon the average fan. To come to find out this facility has six layers where surprisingly the ground level, playing field, is twenty five feet below ground. First and second levels DSC_0976would be considered the bottom tiers of the stadium, which consist of mainly one hundred and two hundred level seats. This section is separated by the concourses and the lower and upper suite levels. The Crown Royal suite is an area that we were able to view; it is one of the premier luxury suites in the venue. Going above the luxury suites you have the four hundred and five hundred level which included the Bud Light Zone. This area is highly preferred by fans who are twenty one through thirty five due to its lively atmosphere. After viewing this we proceeded to the top level where we got a bird’s eye view of the entire venue. Concluding this exclusive behind the scenes tour, it provided us more of a skeletal structure of the stadium of this magnitude. As an aspiring facility event manager, this tour of Lucas Oil Stadium has boosted my desire to manage a facility at such a high scale.

-William Amadio, student in the Master of Science in Recreation Sport Administration Program, and Certificate in Facilities Event Management

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