Lucas Oil Stadium-Student Reflection

IMG_1189Today I got the opportunity to view the ins and outs of the Lucas Oil Stadium, home for the NFL Indianapolis Colts. This state-of-the-art facility was amazing to me because every aspect of this facility represents the events that are held there and what they stand for. One of the entryways of the arena, which held the Indiana High School Athletic Association helmets from different high schools in the state of Indiana, was one of my favorite spots in the Lucas Oil Stadium. There are not too many professional facilities that recognize other sports or leagues beyond those who are the primary venue tenants.

The facility is operated by the Capital Improvement Board Managers of Marion County, a project that invests in projects that are expected to create $2.25 billion in economic benefit to the state and regional economy over 10 years, as well as create 4,200 new permanent jobs and 4,900 construction jobs. I was impressed with the information Brett Cole, our tour guide, gave in regards to the fact that the majority of there contracted services were outsourced companies, which creates even more jobs.

DSC_0985Overall my experience at Lucas Oil Stadium was phenomenal. To have the opportunity to tour the Indianapolis Colts locker room, the Quarter Back Suite, event level area, being on the actual field, etc. is truly a blessing. It’s great to have professionals, such as our professors and everyone we met at the facilities, to allow college students to step outside of the traditional classroom and gain knowledge about the sports industry in a practical environment.

–Keisha Ray, student in the Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration program

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