The Dirt Bowl-Student Reflection

Tonight, I was exposed to a long-standing Indianapolis tradition: The Hoosier Hundred. The 100-lap race took place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds GrandstandIMG_1237, a staple in the Indianapolis area. The race was highly anticipated, bringing thousands of spectators, which was expected with the legendary Indianapolis 500 only days away. Naturally, fans flocked to the ol’ dirt track, with the Hundred giving them the fix they needed until the main course meal on Sunday at Indy Motor Speedway.

Concessions were immediately consumed; fries and chicken tenders soothing the soul. Several pre-races started the night, leading into the main event. Personally, I went into the event with no expectations. To my surprise, I found myself picking favorites, asking questions and cheering along with the fellow visitors.

Although I was disappointed that Ricky Bobby didn’t make a guest appearance, I was overly impressed with the fan support and the enthusiasm that the race creates within the fans. From the various caution lights to the final waving of the flag, the Hoosier Hundred was an awesome experience and one I won’t soon forget. Finally, I must tip my hat to our humble leader, Dr. Gibson, who left the race slightly wealthier than when he arrived!

–Jarren Nixon, student in the Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration program.

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