We’re So Glad We Had This Time Together…

The ending of a story is not the best part simply because it is the ending.  Rather, it is the experiences and moments in time that brought you to the finale that make it extraordinarily special.  The second annual Sport Facility Symposium Study Away was one that had many moments, all of which led to an experience that none who DSC_0903participated will soon forget.  The faculty, staff and guests who played a role in this journey were afforded a chance to get to know each of the student participants in a way that is rarely provided in a traditional classroom setting.  We have shared life stories and laughed at the craziness that is brought out in people who are together for six days straight.  Students gained insight on how to proceed within their chosen professional paths, as well as the steps that they need to take in order to simply get started on that journey.  While the objective of the overall experience was to provide a hands on learning environment, we all also learned a lot about each other as well.

Until next year, we hope that you have enjoyed reading about our experiences, and seeing them documented in the posted photographs, as much as we have all had in actually participating in them.  Safe travels to all as we journey home for the summer!

-Faculty and staff of the 2015 WKU Indianapolis Sport Facility Symposium

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