Southern Hospitality…On Ice–Student Reflection

The Bojangles Coliseum was a very interesting building that we visited on the first day of facility tours. The Bojangles Coliseum is now the home of the Charlotte Checkers hockey team after the city approved a $16 million renovation of the facility in 2014. In the renovation process some of the items added were a new scoreboard with a bigger HD screen. A new sound system and LED sports lights were also added. They also went from 15” seats to 18-21” and lost about 600 seats in the process now with a total of 8,600 permanent seats. When talking with general manager George Hite he mentioned that before the renovation that if you were using the facility for an event that most groups would have to bring in their own sound systems and additional lights as needed. Now with the upgrades the facility can accommodate most all need for patrons. Some of the more interesting things that were found in the facility would be that even with all the renovations and upgrades it still feels like it has an old school feel to it which is something that the manger said that they were trying to accomplish. Outside of the facility housing a hockey team year long they also use the facility for events such as concerts, basketball games, and graduations. This building is a great example of how a facility can be renovated and upgraded without changing the original feel of the building that the Carolina community has come to love.

–Student Reflection, Houston Croney, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration

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