Wow! What a First Day-Student Reflection

Day number one in Charlotte! And we had just left a great site visit at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The next stop in our day was the grand father of them all, Bojangles Coliseum! The facility was built around the 1950’s has seen some of the greatest athletes, performers, and musicians out there! The facility hosts many events from ice skating, concerts, to even graduation ceremonies. This is certainly the facility for family and friends. The facility opened September 11, 1955 giving the city its first major auditorium and sports venue. The Coliseum is roughly over 200,000-square-foot and seats around 10,000 people. The facility has seen over 15,000 events in its time, you can say that the coliseum has got its share of wear and tare over the years! They have made a lot of upgrades but none that has made a drastic change to the facility itself. Although this facility has had its wear and tear it will always be the grand father of facilities in Charlotte and it will keep growing as an historical landmark in the city of Charlotte.

–Student Reflection, Tremayne Yocum, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration

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