Dab For Me One Time–Student Reflection

IMG_2132The Bank of America Stadium is definitely a sight to see. It is a prime example of paying attention to great detail. The owner Jerry Richardson has lead to the creation of a great work of art. The stadium is amazing. The design aspect is out of this world. Not one part of this stadium lacked detail. From the carpet, to the gridiron club, to the tarps preventing you from seeing the pipes in the concourse. They also incorporated the Carolina history within the facility. Everything was absolutely amazing.

IMG_1831 (1)The staff was also amazing. Their goal is to provide a great overall fan experience. This organization definitely knows how to take care of their fans. From the beautiful suites, the Wi-Fi being upgraded, even creating windows that open for the fans to engage in a full game experience. The staff made us feel like we were family. It was as if we received the star treatment on the tour. We were taken into the VIP suites and that was a great experience. The Bank of America stadium has truly outdone themselves. It really sets the bar high for renovations in other stadiums. This stadium really dabbed one time on other stadiums in the NFL.

–Student Reflection, Deborah Howard, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration

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