Time Warner Cable Arena-Student Reflection

CirGcmVXIAAI6blWith a capacity close to 15,000, Time Warner Cable Arena is a perfect venue to host a variety of events. The facility is mainly known for being the home of the Charlotte Hornets. During the off-season, they are primarily hosting concerts in the facility. The facility is beginning to go under some major renovations, to help make the building more attractive since it will be hosting the NBA All-Star Game in the 2017 season.

Since the arena was built by the city, they are big on expressing the history of the Carolinas within their facility, and giving the fans the best experience possible. Inside the Trade and Fifth Street entrances, there is an eye-grabbing piece of artwork that emphasizes the history of basketball in the local area of Charlotte. An interesting aspect of the arena is how the concourse area has been designed to resemble the streets of Charlotte. While walking along the concourse, there are various “street signs” along the concourse directing the fans to concessions, fan zones, and various attractions within the arena. The current scoreboard in the arena is also dedicated to the city of Charlotte. Another unique part to the arena that stood out to me is their current scoreboard. The Charlotte skyline has been implemented onto the top of the scoreboard to make it stand out more than other scoreboards in the area.

CirJYQ3WEAEIvTXIn our tour, the professionals were very welcoming with showing our group every aspect of the arena, and giving us valuable information about the arena itself. The tour guides talked about some upcoming renovations that are going to be performed in the near future. With a new scoreboard, new ribbon board, and renovating the suites within the arena. They also allowed us to go out onto the court and see the facility up close and how big the bowl really is from the viewpoint of the floor. They also provided us with some valuable information when it comes to breaking into the industry, what we can do as individuals to stand out, and be more than a number when applying for these positions to work within professional organizations.

The most interesting part of the facility would be how the arena is so devoted to the fan experience aspect of the game, implementing the history of the Carolinas and the city within the arena. The Hornets’ branding within the arena really stood out to me, and how everything within the arena was designed to resemble the city of Charlotte. From all of their fan zones, and areas to attract all kinds of fans, it was easy to tell that the organization is devoted to give the fans the best experience possible when they visit Time Warner Cable Arena.

–Student Reflection, Seth Thompson, Undergraduate in Sport Management

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