Duke City–A Student Reflection

CixCiWuVEAAcPEBA University of 14,000 plus combined professional and undergraduate student’s; packs a massive punch in terms of academic success and student satisfaction ranking #8 in USNews Top colleges/Universities. In addition, Duke posted a 97% student satisfaction rating on campus which is an incredible statistic which showed true on the university grounds today. A full rock climbing wall, a fitness area with a full cardio floor plan, 3 multi-purpose hardwood baseball courts, 3 all blue newly renovated tennis courts, and weight room and lets not talk about the intermural fields!

All though the campus collectively is under major renovation and expansion Duke University’s campus was quite impressive. The brand new football facility with scoreboard, tower with all newly features that it will employ and seating construction provided a small feel, big venue experience. It was also neat to see the indoor facility for the football team; this facility is so important for student athlete development. The motivational quotes and works displayed on lockers, weight rooms and essentially all over the facilities themselves provides a (all in) environment. Last but not least Cameron stadium was as advertised; simple, yet elegant, plain, yet prestige. Coach K Court was small but was rich was some much energy you could feel it even when no one was on the court.

IMG_1894It was a very humbling experience from the facilities themselves to all the great guest speakers we had Kelsey, Germy, Kevin, Ryan, Nina, and WKU alum TQ. They provided us with amazing insight to their own individual roles and their efforts contribution to the overall mission.

Duke is a phenomenal example of mission of an established culture among the student body campus wide. Soon as you step on campus you see the beautiful “Duke Rock” in all university facilities adding an aesthetic touch with the rich history of the school.

–Student Reflection, Anton Calvin, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration

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