Not Even the Rain Could Hide UNC Charlotte’s Beautiful Campus-Student Reflection

Ci1eTopXAAAGA6jComing into the early morning rain on day four, the Hilltoppers tackled down the 49ers campus of University of North Carolina at Charlotte. From the start of this long journey ahead of us, UNCC gave us a great home opener with the recreational facilities department. They displayed their background of everyday usage of their intramural fields that the university allows their students to use everyday Monday through Friday for a multi purpose usage. The facility director opened up about the good and bad of the property, with contracted services with a local and state construction company who was won through the states legal policy of accepting the lowest bids of providing sufficient work for this project. Learning that recreational and sport facilities are a key asset to every program, it was good to obtain information and the seriousness about facility up keeping.

As our journey continued around 10:15am, we worked our way to the 49ers campus where the Jim, who is responsible for all site supervising over all recreational facilities, talked to us about the day to day activities that are faced with having 28,000 students and a brand new $66-million-dollar recreational center was coming in the fall of 2019. In addition to that, they are a public funded entity that relies heavily on student’s tuition fees to cover maintenance fees and upgrading projects to enhance the usage of these facilities growing. With being inside Conference USA, the 49ers first sports property we saw was the women’s softball field who has had decent success, but you can tell the relevance of the program money is toward field features, with renovating the grass and building upgrades. When we took a look into non major sports programs, their main focus from a university standpoint, facilities like tennis where labeled as “Little Wimbledon” had very luxurious seating and upgraded feature, which the chancellor of the university enough and has great competition success.

Ci03fi2WEAAXLuVOur mid day adventure covered their very Haldton Arena was very huge, with its multi purpose spacing with recreational usages as well. It seats over 9,000 people and has future renovating happening right now, with brand new scoreboard coming with a cost of million dollars. From walking around their campus every detailed item, had a gold minor feel and very green. Overall this experience has entitled great practices of breaking into industry with professional advice and learning that Charlotte has a campus who is growing and has great things coming there way.

–Student Reflection, Terren Johnson, Undergraduate in Sport Management

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