The End of This Story, The Beginning of the Next…


Dr. Evie Oregon and Dr. Brad Stinnett

The third annual Sport Facility Symposium has wrapped, and everyone is now safe at home unpacking and making excuses to delay laundry another day.  You have all seen the facilities and read about the learning and fun that was had, but what you did not see was the amount of preparation that went into making this year’s trip yet another success.  Huge shout out to our program leaders, Dr. Evie Oregon and Dr. Brad Stinnett for taking the time to make sure that our students have one of the most unique learning experiences with which a college student can experience.  Both have been making connections, setting up the tours and making sure that things run as flawless as humanly possible for over 8 months now.  Without their dedication to providing our undergraduates in Sport Management and graduates in the Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Administration with a one of a kind learning environment for three years running, this blog, the photos and the stories that the students recall year after year would not have been possible.

We also need to send our extreme gratitude to the tour facilitators for taking their time to not only give us a glimpse into their jobs and work environments, but for also answering our unending questions!  You guys were amazing!!

The 2017 Sport Facility Symposium Study Away will be in Kansas City!!  More info will be posted in the coming months, so check back with us.  Until, enjoy your summer!


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